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Event Victoria Falls Marathon
Race 21km Zimbabwe Citizens
Race Date Sun 13th December 2020

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Optional Extras
Donation: The Vic Falls Anti-Poaching Unit
Donation: The Greenline Africa Trust
Donation: Vic Falls Environmental Watch

This registration is based on the event details stated in the itinerary for the Victoria Falls Marathon. I confirm having read and fully understood and accepted the "terms and conditions" of this contract as more fully set out in attached. I declare that I am eligible to compete as defined by IAAF & ZAAA (Zimbabwe Amateur Athletics Association) rules. In signing this booking application, I hereby indemnify and hold harmless Victoria Falls Marathon Organisers, Wild Frontiers, Off-2-Explore & Adventure Zone, and their employees and agents from all losses and injuries sustained by me. Furthermore, I confirm that I am competent and/or authorized to sign this registration form and agree to the terms and conditions hereto. I further give permission for the free use of my name, voice or picture (still or moving) to be used in any broadcast, telecast, advertising, promotion or any other form of advertising of this and future events.

Entrants and participants in the Victoria Falls Marathon acknowledge that although all precautions have been taken by the organising body (The Victoria Falls Marathon Club) to ensure the safety of all participants, there may be dangers inherent in participation in the Event and activities related thereto.

Participants voluntarily assume the risks of attendance at and participation in the Event and hereby waive all claims of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising in relation to the Event or otherwise against any parties, including but not limited to the organising body, the sponsors, the advertisers, any local authority and/or the directors, employees, suppliers and assistants of these parties, including any individual, official, marshal or agent.

Participants hereby irrevocably indemnify and hold harmless the Parties against any liability and claims of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising (whether directly or indirectly caused and whether arising from negligence, albeit gross, or from the participation or involvement in or passage to or from the Event or otherwise) including but not limited to liability for delay, inconvenience, accident, death, injury, illness to their person, or loss or damage to property or costs and expenses sustained, incurred or put to by Participants and/or by any minor children under the care or control of Participants.

Parents or guardians authorising a minor's participation in the Event, which shall prima facie be evidenced by their signature on entry forms, thereby consent to such minor being bound to the aforegoing and further indemnify the Parties to the extent, if any, to which such minor is not capable of waiving his/her rights as stipulated above.

Participant confirms that they are competent and / or authorized to sign registration forms and agree to the terms and conditions hereto. They further give permission for the free use of their name, voice or picture [still or moving] to be used in any broadcast, telecast, advertising, promotion or any other form of advertising of this and future events.

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Entry Fees
Entry Fee R290-70
Donation: The Vic Falls Anti-Poaching Unit
Donation: The Greenline Africa Trust
Donation: Vic Falls Environmental Watch
Voucher R0-00
Total R290-70

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